HAIR – Dura Emo 07

SKIN – Kento Trent

JACKET – Bleak The Bum Sweater Untold

VEST – Vitamen Ribbed Cotton Sheer Tank

PANTS – Kal Rau Casual Shorts Striped

SHOES – Entente Journalier

NECKLACE – Uncut Tutankhamun

TATTOO – Uncut Gambler


Last Chance

Menswear Fashion Week final day is today, check it out before it ends. A couple of items I am wearing are from there.

Last Chance


HAIR – [taketomi] Gyp

JACKET – Razor Timberlake Vest @ Menswear Fashion Week

PANTS – [AB] MESH Dereck Pants Charcoal @ Menswear Fashion Week

SHOES – *FIR & MNA* The Ashford Brogue Mens Black

SUNGLASSES – [Z O O M] Eclipse

WATCH – *chronokit* watch no.35 *eden*

Life In Progress

Life FB

Life Back FB


HAIR – Matt Black @ The Mens Dept

SHIRT – flow T-Shirt U-Neck PROGRESS

PANTS – Bleak Etherial Jeans Fade Blue @ The Mens Dept

SHOES – Reek Tennessee Slip Ons Tan

NECKLACE – Earthstones Jumoke

WATCH – Kari Padlock Brown

BAG – Kari Crate Digger

Legal Insanity


Legal Insanity? Insanity is exactly whats taken over me, although the amount of Linden I foresee myself dropping in this store certainly shouldn’t be legal!

Since I’ve been back on the grid I’ve had major issues getting used to this mesh system. (It came onto the grid while Dimitri and myself were away) I know everyone is still getting used to it, which is fine however I really have a thing for seams. Honestly, seams can make or break an article of clothing. DATRIP Blackbart, designer behind Legal Insanity has not only fabulous texturing skills.. the man added seams to everything! I am in love! I remember DATRIP from my DJ fangirl days and I also remember when he first opened up a clothing store. I was a fan then and I’m extremely happy to see that he has moved into the mesh world. I’m looking forward to what is to come from this designer.

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Layers Upon Layers

As some of you may know, Shae and myself took some time off from SL. We are back and I was talking to Rusch from Avenue today and mentioned to her how much I miss layered clothing. Since I have been back I have been searching for layered clothing along with mesh. I hope designers do not stop making these types of clothing.

1920 x1080


Hair – Aotreo Sid
Vest – Sey Gilet
Sweater – Guarded Cross Hand Knit Sweater (Layer)
Shirt – Hoorenbeek Striped Bordeaux (Layer)
Pants – Not So Bad Joris
Shoes – KBoots Brown


Evane Models Agency will held this HUGE Production! It’s a rare thing on SL but so worthed! a MEN Fashion Show!

This huge production will be sponsored by SM Menswear.
SB Menswear features some of the finest men’s clothing in SecondLife. Men’s jeans, casual shirts, sweaters, leathers, jackets, uniforms, suits, and formal wear… They have it all.
They are proud to show us really amazing creations as SystemX Suits. SB Menswear is happy to announce that their new SystemX suits was featured on the cover of the August issue of Abello magazine. There will also be a feature story/interview in that same issue. Without giving too much away, all we can say is that the new SystemX Suits was released on August 1st. The initial release will include single breasted suits in about a dozen colors, double breasted suits in the same colors, about 26 shirts, and over 30 ties.
SystemX suits are unique… the system allows literally millions of possible wear combinations!

The show goes under direction and supervision of Diconay Boa [Evane Fashion Director], with colaboration of SB Onwner Managment Charity Steampunk and the amazing designs of Sweeny Baxter.

Amazing known Models will be stars in this show, they are:

– Daniele Eberhardt
– Apollo Call
– Liam Netizen
– Maddox Kaestner
– Trouble Inglewood
– Salvo Waydelich

Another amazing designs and production that we are sure you don’t wanna miss!

Show date: 7th August [Saturday]
Time: 3 Pm Slt

See you there!

Coming soon from Moxie Polano!

I met the designer Moxie Polano during my journey through the Miss Azul 2010 pageant. I needed something extra special, had a whole team of people scouring Second Life for it and finally we found it at Moxie’s main store. Unfortunately, the piece that was perfect for me ended up being not so perfect so I needed a little help from Moxie to customize it. It was a long shot but I sent her a very detailed, highly groveling notecard and to my surprise she replied the very same evening. Moxie stayed awake with me into the wee morning hours two nights in a row to help me get ready for the Miss Azul finals. While I did not win, the kindness and new friendship I have found in Moxie is beyond any prize I could have won.

The dress I am wearing below was made in one day by Moxie. To my surprise she asked me if I would allow her to name it after me, truly a humbling experience. I’ve never had clothing named after me before. I bring you Moxie Polano today, not because of my new “Shae6” dress but because of her talent, her attention to detail, her FABULOUS feathers, the kindness she has shown to a stranger, the selflessness she expressed and her determination for perfection.

Get the look:

Hair: Bliss Couture: Mandy – Caviar *NEW!*

Skin: Cracked – Kristi

Mask: Illusions – Civetta Venetzia

Earrings: Bandit – Bakara

Dress: Moxie Polano – Shae6 *Coming Soon!*

Model: Shae Sixpence