Coming soon from Moxie Polano!

I met the designer Moxie Polano during my journey through the Miss Azul 2010 pageant. I needed something extra special, had a whole team of people scouring Second Life for it and finally we found it at Moxie’s main store. Unfortunately, the piece that was perfect for me ended up being not so perfect so I needed a little help from Moxie to customize it. It was a long shot but I sent her a very detailed, highly groveling notecard and to my surprise she replied the very same evening. Moxie stayed awake with me into the wee morning hours two nights in a row to help me get ready for the Miss Azul finals. While I did not win, the kindness and new friendship I have found in Moxie is beyond any prize I could have won.

The dress I am wearing below was made in one day by Moxie. To my surprise she asked me if I would allow her to name it after me, truly a humbling experience. I’ve never had clothing named after me before. I bring you Moxie Polano today, not because of my new “Shae6” dress but because of her talent, her attention to detail, her FABULOUS feathers, the kindness she has shown to a stranger, the selflessness she expressed and her determination for perfection.

Get the look:

Hair: Bliss Couture: Mandy – Caviar *NEW!*

Skin: Cracked – Kristi

Mask: Illusions – Civetta Venetzia

Earrings: Bandit – Bakara

Dress: Moxie Polano – Shae6 *Coming Soon!*

Model: Shae Sixpence


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