Rockin Over To The Darkside

Normally, I would not be caught wearing gothic/vampire skins and seeing that I work at Damiani, after looking at the skins in the dark side below the sim I was inspired to do this look. I’ve been meaning to post this for probably 2 weeks now and finally got it done today. There are 9 different faces for this skin and 2 options inside each skin normal and bloody.

Rockin over to the darkside2

Rockin over to the darkside


Hair – Sadistic Hacker Vermillion Black

Eyes – MADesigns Studio Black

Skin – Damiani Gothic Makeup

Tshirt – Boom Essential T Sheer Smoke (Tinted)

Pants – Grasp Black Leather Mens

Boots – Grasp Black Leather

Belt – Primitive Design Studded Belt

Tattoo – AXE Sakura

Piercing – SecTry *Vabi*

Nails – J’s Freebie Black

Bracelet – Naith Smit Wrist Band Rock’n’Rolla

Necklace – Naith Smit Kia Skull Chain

Arms – Maitreya Arm Warmers

Guitar – Ministry of Motion Static-x Signature Flying


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